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We found Susan Loy and her extraordinary calligraphy at the Woodstock Crafts Fair over the summer and immediately fell in love with the first two pieces in her "Constitution Project" - "The Preamble" and "Article I: Congress." These magnificent prints - each one signed by the artist - are beautifully matted and framed and show off her exceptional talents. You will be absolutely amazed at the meticulous detail and beauty of these art works - they definitely generate a "wow" factor in any office and make a memorable gift for a special friend or colleague.

Ms. Loy labored over this - the larger of the two pieces -- for more than 500 hours, lettering its 2293 words onto 102 lines. Using color changes in the letterforms, she created a glowing landscape in the backdrop of her drawing of the Capitol Building. A square border in blue and red made up of the names of the fifty states and a large circle in black and brown made up of the words, "We the People", "The General Welfare", "Justice", and "Liberty" surround the words to Article I.

Signed prints from an original watercolor painting. Print Image Size: 15-1/2" x 15-1/2" Frame Size: 23' x 23'

Article I: Congress (Susan Loy Calligraphy)

SKU: NLP0000041
  • custom matted and wood-framed

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