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This aquatint depicts, Dr. Syntax, a character developed by English caricaturist, Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), who produced a series of works describing the travels of his fictional creation across Regency England. Born in London, Rowlandson was the son of a tradesman and became a student at the Royal Academy. His designs, including this one, were usually executed as an outline with a reed pen and were washed with color.  They were then etched on copper and later aquatinted. Rowlandson’s work dealt with the "various aspects and incidents of social life" during the time. However, he also produced a series of erotic prints that would be considered pornographic today.

This print is in good condition.

Size:  8" x 5" with a small, plain margin around the image, making the actual sheet slightly larger.

Court of Justice Aquatint (1840s)

SKU: NLP0000018
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