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"The Best Value in Legal Publication"

"Just The Rules" is North Law Publishers' ever-popular, pocket-sized compendium of the complete: Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, Admiralty and Maritime Rules, and Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure. Also included are essential excerpts from the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and selected bail, immigration, and sentencing statutes.


Now including December 1, 2020 and December 2021  Amedments.


Summary of Revisions to 2022 “Just the Rules”



· No amendments to U.S. Sentencing Guidelines.

· No amendments to Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

· No Amendments to Bail Reform Act


Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

· Fed.R.Civ.P. 30(b)(6) Deposition notice requirement amended 12/1/2020

Federal Rules of Evidence

  • Fed.R.Evid. 404(b) amended principally to impose additional notice requirements on the prosecution in a criminal case. In addition, clarifications have been made to the text and headings. amended 12/1/2020

Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure


  • Fed.R.App.P 3 Appeal as of Right, amended 12/1/2021
  • Fed.R.App.P. 6 Appeal in a Bankruptcy Case, amended 12/1/2021
  • Fed.R.App.P. 35(e) Response in En Banc Determination (amended 12/1/2020)
  • Fed.R.App.P 40(a) (Petition for En Banc Rehearing – Time to file, amended 12/1/2020


Just The Rules 2022 Edition

  • 1-4 copies: $29.95 each (free shipping)

    5-50 copies: $26.95 each (free shipping)

    51-150 copies: $24.95 (free shipping)  

    Larger orders: please call (212.480-4000) or email  for pricing

  • Free Shipping

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