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These four original antique prints were part of a series of over 100 prints first published by the English Vanity Fair magazine in 1902 at a size of 10.5" x 15.5." Eight years later, they were reprinted at this smaller size.
Vanity Fair magazine began publication in 1868 and was a British Weekly. Its publication spanned over the Victorian and Edwardian eras and offered readers articles on a broad array of topics including: "fashion, current events, reviews of the theatre, new books, reports on social events and the latest scandals, mixed together with serial fiction, word games and other trivia."
The magazine was founded by Thomas Gibson Bowles, who wrote a great deal of the content himself. Other well-known editorial contributors included Lewis Carroll and William Wilde. It publication is, however, best known for its caricatures, which number more than 2,000. Among the many gifted artists whose works grace its pages, three in particular - Sir Leslie Ward, Sir Max Beerbohm and Carlo Pellegrini - are recognized as some of the finest caricaturists in the business. Ward, known as "Spy," satirized the social life of the middle and upper classes; Beerbohm specialized in social and literary figures; and Pelligrini, also know as "Ape," produced the first color lithograph to appear in the magazine - a caricature of Benjamin Disraeli published in 1869. The last issue of the magazine was printed on February 5, 1914.

(From left to right)

Print 1: Hon. Sir Alfred Wills (Spy)
Print 2: Hon. Sir James Stirling
Print 3: Hon. Sir Joseph Walton
Print 4: Hon. The Earl of Halsbury (Spy)

Size: 7" x 5" each

Condition/description: These original prints are in generally good condition and are ready for framing. The caricatures of Alfred Wills and Earl of Halsbury both include the signature "Spy.

Series of Vanity Fair Antique Prints, 1910

SKU: NLP0000023
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