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This antique print was produced by well-known French artist Faustin Betbeder, who relocated to England, where he owned a printing business and contributed illustrations to the London Figaro. The subject of this particular work, Sir Alexander Cockburn, "served in the House of Commons, as attorney general (1851–56), and as chief justice of the Court of Common Pleas (1856–59), before being appointed to the Queen's Bench (1859–74)."* He became lord chief justice of England in 1874, a position he held for six years. He is most widely known for his tests of obscenity and insanity. According to Cockburn, "to be obscene, the material in question had to be proved to ‘deprave and corrupt’ those exposed to it, and to be insane, a criminal defendant had to be proved unwitting of the 'nature and quality' of his criminal act or incapable of recognizing it as wrong."*
*Encyclopedia Britannica Concise


This print is in good condition.

Size:  5" x 8" with a small plain margin around the image making the actual sheet slightly larger

Sir Alexander Cockburn – Lord Chief Justice Print, 1870

SKU: NLP0000016
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