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The tagline and marketing copy for this movie say it all. "His True Shocking Story...Filmed with Bullet Force! It was the age of speakeasies and jazz... when everybody sinned, ginned and broke the laws... while a vicious crime lord almost took over the nation!
Rod Steiger starred in this 1959, black and white film that captures the very essence of roaring-twenties Chicago. Rather than glorifying the mobster, he plays him as "a monster whose psychopathy seems somehow disturbingly human." He may be vulgar and violent, but he always aspires to be something better. Many critics felt this movie was almost a documentary, rather than an entertainment piece. The film won the 1959 Golden Laurel Award for "sleeper of the year."

Condition/description: This poster is in very good condition. It is linen backed. The bright yellow background; the cocky depiction of a cigar-smoking Capone; and the bold red type, make it a wonderful piece for a large entranceway or lobby. There are evenly distributed crease marks across the poster from previous folding.

Size: 81" x 81"

Unframed "Al Capone" Movie Poster, 1959

SKU: NLP0000030
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