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Written by Abby Mann and directed by Stanley Kramer, "Judgment at Nuremberg," boasts an all-star cast that includes: Spencer Tracy, Burt Lancaster, Richard Widmark, Marlene Dietrich, Maximilian Schell, Judy Garland and Montgomery Clift. A young William Shatner offers a strong supporting performance, just five years prior to accepting the role as Captain Kirk that would catapult him to stardom.

Winner of two Academy Awards, the film tells the story of an American judge, during the infamous Nuremberg trials, who is faced with the issue of deciding how much guilt and responsibility an individual must bear for crimes that were condoned by the government or committed under its direct orders. The movie is based on true events that occurred during World War II and contains disturbing footage of the German concentration camps.

Condition/description: This piece features stylized treatment of the characters' faces which are posterized against a black background, punctuated by swaths of red and gold type. It is linen backed and in very good condition.

Size: 81" x 81"

Unframed "Judgment at Nuremberg" Movie Poster, 1961

SKU: NLP0000035
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