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"Every dream has a price" was the tagline for this blockbuster film about Wall Street greed, that ironically, was released just two months after the October 1987 melt down of the stock market. While thousands of real-life financial hot shots and millions of investors licked their wounds from the virtual collapse of the world markets, Michael Douglas delivered an unforgettable, Academy Award-winning performance as Gordon Gekko, a ruthless corporate raider, who takes a young impatient stockbroker, Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen), under his wing, and literally teaches him the "tricks of the trade." The movie offers a very realistic portrayal of the "do anything for a dollar" mentality that prevailed during the height of the 1980s bull market.

Condition/description: This original poster, in mint condition, is ready for framing. The lead characters peering out of the stark blackness of the background, and the beautifully rendered depiction of the New York City skyline, make it a strikingly bold decorative statement for an office, media center or den.

Size: 27" x 41"

Unframed "Wall Street" Movie Poster, 1987

SKU: NLP0000025
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